October, 2015

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Internalised Transphobia [my chapter from TRANS IN THE 21st CENTURY [pub. BT, 2011]

Kenneth Demsky, PhD/www.drkennethdemsky.co.uk/London/020 7435 6116   Internalised Transphobia   From a psychological perspective, the goal is never conformity, but authenticity.   A phobia is defined as an exaggerated fear or loathing of a thing or situation encountered in everyday life. In psychoanalytical terms, a phobia is the result of aRead More

More than a label

Keeping support meetings fresh and interesting for the people who come can always be a challenging proposition, particularly when the group is well established.  You tend to find people migrate to their familiar friends and cliques inevitably form which can make the group seem intimidating or unwelcoming for “nervous newbies”Read More