Presently, the Trust has three active publications which can be ordered via the PayPal button below.  Please feel free to take a look at the free samples from each book we’ve included below and if you have any questions feel free to get in touch !

T21C  Trans in the 21st Century –  Edited by Jed Bland and Alice Purnell

In the thirty or more years that the Beaumont Trust has been listening to, and helping, transgender people, it has seen many changes. Not only has the distinction between male and female become blurred, but so has that between the cross-dresser and the transsexual.

At the end of the first decade of the twenty first century, we are fortunate to publish a miscellany of personal accounts and of articles by leading researchers and workers in the field. (£15 p&p excluded)

We have used the umbrella term “trans” to be as inclusive as possible, to include most areas where gender is challenged by the conventions of gender and sex

Transvestism and Cross Dressing Transvestism and Cross Dressing – Current Views (£10 p&p excluded)

Transexed and Transgendered People Transexed and Transgendered People a Guide (£5 p&p excluded)